But come on, fella, you had it coming, right?


AW YEAH! Happy Halloween, folks!

Me and Steve got matching Batman & Robin costumes this year! We actually had a ton of costumes in mind, but I guess the classic is, somehow, the best.

We’re off to the Avengers’ Halloween party! Play safe, kids!

Tony Stark

Steve says his outfit is silly, but I think his green trunks are sexy as hell. Don’t you guys agree?

Hey everyone!!

How are you?? We miss you all so much!!

Quick post just to tell you that we’ll be back soon!

Tony is already better! We are basically travelling around the world right now, so we’ll be posting some pictures here. We’re having a really great time. :)

We need to change our blog name now… especially after the ring I bought (but not yet delivered!). Don’t tell Tony, it’s a surprise! I’m waiting for the right moment. ;)

We’re around Rio de Janeiro right now. What a beautiful place!

P.s.: Isn’t Tony’s new hairstyle the cutest thing ever? hahaha


(( please, read!! ))

(( hello dear friends and followers of asksicktonyandsteve! this is the first, and probably the last (or one of the few) time I speak with you as one of the the blog owners, but I really have to do so. We’re having quite a hard time in life, school and such, which makes it a little hard for us to keep taking care of this blog like before. 

We REALLY appreciate every single one of your lovely asks (we actually have A LOT OF ASKS, and we read every single one of them), and of course, we LOVE our followers (we never thought we would have so many!!!!), and that’s why we’re here to tell you that this blog is on a hiatus. We can’t work on it the way we want to right now, and we don’t want to spoil all of the magic and everything that we’ve planned to do with Mr. Rogers and Mr. Stark. WE’RE NOT CLOSING THE BLOG.  but, for now, we think it’s best to close the askbox for a while

We really hope you guys understand our reasons! We still have a lot of surprises to show you, the plot is DEFINITELY going to change and develop in many ways! We don’t know when we’ll be back, but we will keep posting some things once in a while. Things are really complicated here, and doing this is very hard for us, but we will do our best to be back as soon as possible!!!

Stay strong, guys! We love you!! :)

-Blog Owner ))

Tony knows how to make me angry and embarassed for the rest of my life.

The thing is even better when Steve isn’t home. haha

So, do you guys remember when I mentioned my “plan” for Tony?

Well, it’s happening. I’m already buying some things that I will need!

here’s a hint (I bought those today, they were kinda expensive…) :

I’m very happy and excited right now. And Tony’s feeling almost better, so things will definitely change around here!


Actually, yes! Today, Miss. Hill, Miss. Potts and Mr. Barton dropped by the hospital for a while! They argued about something called “Inception”, and I’m guessing it’s a movie, because I did not understand a thing… but it was funny anyway. Miss. Romanoff and Mr. Rhodes were here on friday, Director Fury sent some flowers, which was weird but nice, Thor sent some magical thing that Tony liked a lot (I suppose it was some kind of asgardian postcard..?), and Mr. Banner sent a card saying he was sorry.

Anyway, Tony seems to be very happy with the visits (you know, in his way…), and I guess this is another proof that Tony Stark has a heart.

But the doctor said he’ll come home tomorrow!! He’s feeling better already, we’re all glad. :)

Hello guys, how’s everything?

We’re sorry for being away for this long, but we had some problems with the whole Stark Tower energy system (remember that stuff about Dr. Banner? Well, it kinda happened again, but worse…), and Tony can’t take care of it right now because he FINALLY agreed to go to an hospital, so I basically had to live in the dark for this past week. Things are getting better now, Tony is kinda stressed with the whole Tower stuff, but the medicine is working, so he’ll probably get better in a week or two! He’ll be home in a few days, but I have to be there for him while he’s hospitalized, so we’ll not be able to answer your lovely asks (and we have quite a ton!).

So that’s it for now, thanks for 400+ followers guys, we’ll be back in a few days!