But come on, fella, you had it coming, right?


AW YEAH! Happy Halloween, folks!

Me and Steve got matching Batman & Robin costumes this year! We actually had a ton of costumes in mind, but I guess the classic is, somehow, the best.

We’re off to the Avengers’ Halloween party! Play safe, kids!

Tony Stark

Steve says his outfit is silly, but I think his green trunks are sexy as hell. Don’t you guys agree?

Hey everyone!!

How are you?? We miss you all so much!!

Quick post just to tell you that we’ll be back soon!

Tony is already better! We are basically travelling around the world right now, so we’ll be posting some pictures here. We’re having a really great time. :)

We need to change our blog name now… especially after the ring I bought (but not yet delivered!). Don’t tell Tony, it’s a surprise! I’m waiting for the right moment. ;)

We’re around Rio de Janeiro right now. What a beautiful place!

P.s.: Isn’t Tony’s new hairstyle the cutest thing ever? hahaha


Tony knows how to make me angry and embarassed for the rest of my life.

The thing is even better when Steve isn’t home. haha

So, do you guys remember when I mentioned my “plan” for Tony?

Well, it’s happening. I’m already buying some things that I will need!

here’s a hint (I bought those today, they were kinda expensive…) :

I’m very happy and excited right now. And Tony’s feeling almost better, so things will definitely change around here!


Actually, yes! Today, Miss. Hill, Miss. Potts and Mr. Barton dropped by the hospital for a while! They argued about something called “Inception”, and I’m guessing it’s a movie, because I did not understand a thing… but it was funny anyway. Miss. Romanoff and Mr. Rhodes were here on friday, Director Fury sent some flowers, which was weird but nice, Thor sent some magical thing that Tony liked a lot (I suppose it was some kind of asgardian postcard..?), and Mr. Banner sent a card saying he was sorry.

Anyway, Tony seems to be very happy with the visits (you know, in his way…), and I guess this is another proof that Tony Stark has a heart.

But the doctor said he’ll come home tomorrow!! He’s feeling better already, we’re all glad. :)

(may be nsfw under the cut… tehee)

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I can’t really give him any drinks, you see… I want him to feel better as soon as possible! I’m sorry, but I tried!! 

I forgot Tony is prank-proof…